Monday, December 24, 2012

Sketch DDDump

Posted this on DA. Would be down right nasty of me not to post it here. Most of these are quite old, all are good ol' pencil sketches, the colors in PS.
The character on the top left is a Skyrim character I though of named Hilda. The one on the bottom in red is Heather Hills, another character Im toying with. (dunno what's with the H's :P)

Monday, December 10, 2012

Dead for now

And THIS is why.

I stopped reading comments on posts, and I doubt I'll be reading them again. It's not fun coming to your own blog and getting your motives questioned. If I could disable them completely I would and will.

I really appreciate all the support you loyal followers have been giving me. I love you guys. I hate to say it but even when I get a replacement pen, Simpsincest will not be the first thing I update. I have more commissions that need work and take priority.

On a slightly better note, Im gaining material for a new site and was on a roll until my pen broke. I think you guys will dig it all, at least I hope so. It's all stuff from my mind so far, with fanart here and there. Most of it is comics though, some will be very long, others short....

And because I'm such nice mother fucker, here's a peek ;)


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Simpsincest Page 23

Well heres the next page! I have 2 more colored but Im tweaking them, after that I'll letter them. The next 2 pages are all that are inked at the moment so please, DO NOT send anymore donations for now! I dont know when Ill have time to ink more so I dont want you guys thinking Im wasting your money. I really appreciate the donations so far and Ill be using whats left to get a couple more colored when I ink them!

Dont hold your breath for the next one, it might be awhile. Trying to keep busy with paying work and stay alive LOL! Hope y'all understand.

Monday, August 13, 2012

COMMISSION - Dread Sisters Beach Day!

A commission for buddy and fellow Manaworld artist Master Oki Akai

i enlisted the aid of Maxman who i've been working with on another super top secret project that will be debuting on my new pay site. Which should be happening... Hopefully!

Hope ya dig!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Setting the record straight.

It's like the Civil War up in that last posts comments yo!
I appreciate everyone sticking up for me, namely everyone who most likely has a LIFE, just as I do (believe it or not). A life that involves me drawing comics and getting paid, a life that involves me seeing real girls, with real boobs, a life that also involves me working my ass off to fix my car, pay my rent, finish commissions, work on content for my pay site (that may or may not ever happen), and also, somehow amidst all of this FIND TIME TO DRAW THIS COMIC BECAUSE I WANT TO FINISH IT. Not because YOU want me to. As much as this comic is for you guys, the fans, Im a fan to, so it's for me and by me. My labor, my schedule, my blog.

If you think you're entitled to a post every monday, you are fucking mistaken.

Have I mentioned that I PAY for the colors on these pages? I haven't? Well get this, I DO. Out of my own pocket. Right now Im not making enough money to pay for the colors so I have to wait a bit. If you guys would like to pitch in, that would be dope, but Im not going to EXPECT it from you.

You can make Paypal donations to hexamous(at)hotmail(dot)com

BUT, to show you guys there is more, here's a preview pick from the next page...

I'll be posting some stuff that IS NOT Simpsincest related, stuff like commissions that I've been working on for ages that I desperately need to finish. 

You guys who doubt Im working on it, or think I've lost interest should know that this comic is pretty damn close to being finished, page count wise, and I want it to be done just as much as y'all. Once it's done tho, I doubt I'll ever do a free comic like this again, so please, just try to enjoy it while it lasts. You can comment up a fucking storm for all I care, I won't even hide them, unless they're particularly nasty. Otherwise I take most of it in good fun.

ALSO, to anyone and everyone suggesting story/plot points and such: THE STORY IS DONE, the art is not. I do appreciate the interest, but this story is about Bart and Marge, not the rest of Springfield. You've given me a lot of great ideas, and I have PLENTY of my own. Like I said previously, this will probably be the last Simpsons comic from me for a LONG time, if not ever.

Ok, you (some of) guys fucking rock, so thank you for being patient and understanding. Thanx for hang in on during this wacky journey! Now go out there and get your hands on some titties!

Boobfully yours,

Monday, July 9, 2012

Simpsincest Pg. 22

Here it is guys! Page 22! Stuff is getting hot!

I must announce that there will be a break in your (not so) regularly scheduled, weekly comic. Im not sure how long, probably only 2-3 weeks, but I desperately need to get more pages colored. I also need to ink more too! I only have about 3 more inked after this one. But I didn't want to take a break without posting this one because I really like how it turned out.

So dudes I will see you after the break! I hope you've enjoyed things so far, it gets much better from here on out XD

Monday, July 2, 2012

Simpsincest Pg.21

Well, here it is y'all! The last of the traditionally inked pages, the rest are 100% digital and the style changes up quite a bit. It's far less stiff and rigid, more lose and free! I hope you guys dig it cuz I sure do ;)

Also thanx for all the hilarious comments on the last post! Totally ace!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

No post this Monday :(

Sorry dudes!
Im out of town and expected to be back earlier but Ill be back later this week, it's a nice chance to spend some time with my family though :)

Im not dead or anything, Im just warning you in advance! LOL! But if you want to keep spinning your conspiracy theories don't let me stop you! I love reading some of those comments.

Also, this chapter has an ending. Which means I've already thought of it, I know what's going to happen. As much as I would love to be influenced by some of the awesome ideas floating around there is already something layed out. I just hope you guys can dig it, especially with the art changing quite a bit. Though I have to say it gets a lot better once its 100% digital.

Were actually coming close to catching up to where Im at right now as far as penciling/inking so there could be a larger break in the future but Im going to try my hardest to not make it a long one. It would be due to waiting for colors to get back, then Id letter them.

ANYYYYWWAAAYYYY! This is my formal update. Apologies once more for not delivering a page. BUT you should know that I have been busy on other projects as well ;) Ones with plenty of huge tits and shotacon action!!!

Forever yours,

Monday, June 18, 2012

Simpsincest Pg. 20

Here it is boys the big TWO-OH!!
Panels 2&3 are a tad wonk but I like the progression of emotion in this one, especially the joke and the last 2 panels.

Hope y'all dig!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Simpsincest Pg. 19

Some of you dudes just crack me up with those comments! I tell you guys Im going to be away and get a bit too busy and you assume Im dead?! LOL! Talk about jumping the gun.

Here's the next page! The proportions in the first panel are off, I apologize but Im too lazy to fix all that. I do really like the last panel tho! Hope you guys dig!

And thanx a ton for all the compliments on the previous pages and for being patient!!!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Simpsincest Pages 16, 17, 18

Sorry to make y'all wait but life really does get in the way sometimes dudes! You just gotta accept it:) Some of those comments on the last post seriously made me LAWLS!
Anyway, I apologize for making you guys wait. Here are the next 3 pages, because 3 are better than 2 and page 18 is one of ma favz!

And you guys... TITANIA WILL NOT BE IN THIS COMIC. Sorry! Im not having trouble putting characters in, Im trying to tell a story, not jam in a bunch of characters that dont belong in it. I appreciate the consideration but if I do decide to put Titania in a story I will do it myself. Though these stories take a lot of time out of my free schedule, which is very wonky sometimes. The next 2 weeks will only have 1 page each, I'll be extremely busy and I'll try to get them out on time but I can't promise I will. The pages are drawn and colored, Im just working on lettering them.

Thanx for the support guys! Hope ya dig these

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Next Simpsons Page

Sorry for the delay dudes!
I will be posting 2 pages this week later on. I had to take Memorial Day off and eat a ton of BBQ, I hope you all understand.
More boobs on the way. So for now, just enjoy this awesome .gif I made! (I just learned how to make them in photoshop!)

Unfortunately no Titania in this chapter. I haven't figured out a way to work her in but I'd love to at some point!


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Simpsincest Pg. 15

Late again, sorry guys!!! T_T
At least it's close to monday and the comic is still free!*

*This comic will always be free

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Simpsincest Pg. 14

BOOM! Bart get's a BJ. I really love how the colors turned out on this page. Anyway, more to cum!!!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Simpsincest Pg. 13

SORRY FOR THE LATE POST! Forgive me! At least Im not tooooo late... Eh, Im pretty late. It's most definitely officially tuesday. Anyway dudes, hope you enjoy this weeks installment! I know it's not the kind of nudity you were hoping for but at least there's some cleavage!

Monday, April 30, 2012

Simpsincest Pg.12

Sorry for the late post dudes! At least it's still on Monday!
This is one of my favorites (gee can ya guess why?!), and Renato KILLED it with the colors! Glad he's on my team with this.
I hope you can bear with me only posting 1 page a week for now, Im busy working on a ton of content for my new website so I have stuff finished before it launches. Plus this is a free comic so complaints are invalid!!!LOLZ

But seriously you guys, I've been loving the feedback! I read all the comments and try to comment at least once on each pic if Im not too busy. This blog has been getting a LOT of traffic and Im super glad it's getting this kind of attention, I've been working really hard on this for a LONG time. It's been YEARS in the making, seriously! Thanx a ton dudes!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Simpcincest Pg.11

I promised tits!
I just learned how to letter in Manga Studio, this is the product of that. Might take some getting used to but I think it'll be way easier than PS. Anyway, the next page is one of my favorites of the entire comic so far!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Simpsincest Pg. 9-10

Gentlemen, I give you the worst page of the entire comic: PAGE 9! A piece of junk filler page. I wanted to do a "floorboard" gag and it turned out like crap. Luckily the rest of the pages continue to get better, or so I think. Also Page 10 is really a bunch of dialogue filler, but should give some better insight into what's going on, and it does have Professor Fink!!! More on the way and much more of Marge's huge tits I promise!!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Simpsincest Pg. 7-8

Here are 2 more pages. They aren't that exciting so I decided put up 2 instead of 1. Im too happy with how page 8 turned out, but I really needed a page that showed the family together, the whole thing is from Barts point of view but it's good to know the other family members actually exist. Anywho, hope y'all dig! More on to come :)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Simpsincest pg.1-6!

Well, here it is!! I've been waiting a long time to start posting pages from this. I've been working on it for awhile. Decided to post the first 6 pages because its a good break right there. You'll notice the colors change on page 4 because I just couldn't color the whole thing myself (the first 3 pages are just my work) so my buddy Renato aka Kayzer has been doing an amazing job collaborating with me on the whole thing.

The story itself is kind of a slow burn, but I think it's cooler to have at least a sliver of a story as opposed to Marge just walking in and them fucking. So I wanted to bring up Q's like "Why are her tits so big?" "Where did she get them?" "How will Bart figure this out?" Stuff like that in a more episodic style like the show. Minus the B plot unfortunately, not enough time!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cumming Soon...

A FREE comic coming to a screen near you, available only on this blog!

Monday, March 26, 2012


This was a commission for KokidoQuite proud of this one! The colors took about 3hrs, which is probably a record for me. 
Onto the rest of the commissions! Apologies for takin so long on 'em, but work has been falling into place, which is good!

Monday, March 19, 2012

DESK SHOT: Coset sketch

Here's a quick desk shot of a character Im toying with named Corset. I stopped by WonderCon in Anaheim this past weekend and it's definitely what inspired me for this character. Lots of gorgeous women walking around, and a couple extremely busy gals in corsets :D
I realized I had never worked on anything Steampunk related so I'll be developing this character and her story further for a comic, should be pretty fun!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


This is a commission I did for Kreizen

This took a long time! I like the way it turned out a lot, but I doubt Ill be doing anymore character design commissions because they're so time consuming! 

Anyway, this is Vhaidra, a badass drow with a badass spear and a badass rack! There'll be another one of her to come.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Old Nikki Designs

Here are some older Nikki concepts, as the title suggests -_-
I like both of them, especially because they work well within the post-apocalyptic setting of FO3. The only thing I don't like is the way I drew her, I think I was still getting the hang of my tablet, she looks a might chubby in the face and the boots are too big I think.

Anyway, I have some more of these I'll probably post at some point. More shota stuff with her too!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Morph Dump

Here are some anon morphz I did. Sometimes you just gotta make a girls boobs bigger!
The last 2 are both morphs, just to clarify. Should have some art coming soon, been working on a batch of commissions that I'll inevitably be posting here.
Keep ya head right yo!

Saturday, February 11, 2012


This blog recently hit over 10,000 views which is pretty cool considering how rarely I update it T_T Trying to be better!

I believe this calls for a special blog exclusive!!!

Nikki's having some fun with her shota slave as he drinks the milk from her giant tits!