Saturday, June 23, 2012

No post this Monday :(

Sorry dudes!
Im out of town and expected to be back earlier but Ill be back later this week, it's a nice chance to spend some time with my family though :)

Im not dead or anything, Im just warning you in advance! LOL! But if you want to keep spinning your conspiracy theories don't let me stop you! I love reading some of those comments.

Also, this chapter has an ending. Which means I've already thought of it, I know what's going to happen. As much as I would love to be influenced by some of the awesome ideas floating around there is already something layed out. I just hope you guys can dig it, especially with the art changing quite a bit. Though I have to say it gets a lot better once its 100% digital.

Were actually coming close to catching up to where Im at right now as far as penciling/inking so there could be a larger break in the future but Im going to try my hardest to not make it a long one. It would be due to waiting for colors to get back, then Id letter them.

ANYYYYWWAAAYYYY! This is my formal update. Apologies once more for not delivering a page. BUT you should know that I have been busy on other projects as well ;) Ones with plenty of huge tits and shotacon action!!!

Forever yours,

Monday, June 18, 2012

Simpsincest Pg. 20

Here it is boys the big TWO-OH!!
Panels 2&3 are a tad wonk but I like the progression of emotion in this one, especially the joke and the last 2 panels.

Hope y'all dig!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Simpsincest Pg. 19

Some of you dudes just crack me up with those comments! I tell you guys Im going to be away and get a bit too busy and you assume Im dead?! LOL! Talk about jumping the gun.

Here's the next page! The proportions in the first panel are off, I apologize but Im too lazy to fix all that. I do really like the last panel tho! Hope you guys dig!

And thanx a ton for all the compliments on the previous pages and for being patient!!!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Simpsincest Pages 16, 17, 18

Sorry to make y'all wait but life really does get in the way sometimes dudes! You just gotta accept it:) Some of those comments on the last post seriously made me LAWLS!
Anyway, I apologize for making you guys wait. Here are the next 3 pages, because 3 are better than 2 and page 18 is one of ma favz!

And you guys... TITANIA WILL NOT BE IN THIS COMIC. Sorry! Im not having trouble putting characters in, Im trying to tell a story, not jam in a bunch of characters that dont belong in it. I appreciate the consideration but if I do decide to put Titania in a story I will do it myself. Though these stories take a lot of time out of my free schedule, which is very wonky sometimes. The next 2 weeks will only have 1 page each, I'll be extremely busy and I'll try to get them out on time but I can't promise I will. The pages are drawn and colored, Im just working on lettering them.

Thanx for the support guys! Hope ya dig these