Monday, August 13, 2012

COMMISSION - Dread Sisters Beach Day!

A commission for buddy and fellow Manaworld artist Master Oki Akai

i enlisted the aid of Maxman who i've been working with on another super top secret project that will be debuting on my new pay site. Which should be happening... Hopefully!

Hope ya dig!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Setting the record straight.

It's like the Civil War up in that last posts comments yo!
I appreciate everyone sticking up for me, namely everyone who most likely has a LIFE, just as I do (believe it or not). A life that involves me drawing comics and getting paid, a life that involves me seeing real girls, with real boobs, a life that also involves me working my ass off to fix my car, pay my rent, finish commissions, work on content for my pay site (that may or may not ever happen), and also, somehow amidst all of this FIND TIME TO DRAW THIS COMIC BECAUSE I WANT TO FINISH IT. Not because YOU want me to. As much as this comic is for you guys, the fans, Im a fan to, so it's for me and by me. My labor, my schedule, my blog.

If you think you're entitled to a post every monday, you are fucking mistaken.

Have I mentioned that I PAY for the colors on these pages? I haven't? Well get this, I DO. Out of my own pocket. Right now Im not making enough money to pay for the colors so I have to wait a bit. If you guys would like to pitch in, that would be dope, but Im not going to EXPECT it from you.

You can make Paypal donations to hexamous(at)hotmail(dot)com

BUT, to show you guys there is more, here's a preview pick from the next page...

I'll be posting some stuff that IS NOT Simpsincest related, stuff like commissions that I've been working on for ages that I desperately need to finish. 

You guys who doubt Im working on it, or think I've lost interest should know that this comic is pretty damn close to being finished, page count wise, and I want it to be done just as much as y'all. Once it's done tho, I doubt I'll ever do a free comic like this again, so please, just try to enjoy it while it lasts. You can comment up a fucking storm for all I care, I won't even hide them, unless they're particularly nasty. Otherwise I take most of it in good fun.

ALSO, to anyone and everyone suggesting story/plot points and such: THE STORY IS DONE, the art is not. I do appreciate the interest, but this story is about Bart and Marge, not the rest of Springfield. You've given me a lot of great ideas, and I have PLENTY of my own. Like I said previously, this will probably be the last Simpsons comic from me for a LONG time, if not ever.

Ok, you (some of) guys fucking rock, so thank you for being patient and understanding. Thanx for hang in on during this wacky journey! Now go out there and get your hands on some titties!

Boobfully yours,