Monday, December 24, 2012

Sketch DDDump

Posted this on DA. Would be down right nasty of me not to post it here. Most of these are quite old, all are good ol' pencil sketches, the colors in PS.
The character on the top left is a Skyrim character I though of named Hilda. The one on the bottom in red is Heather Hills, another character Im toying with. (dunno what's with the H's :P)

Monday, December 10, 2012

Dead for now

And THIS is why.

I stopped reading comments on posts, and I doubt I'll be reading them again. It's not fun coming to your own blog and getting your motives questioned. If I could disable them completely I would and will.

I really appreciate all the support you loyal followers have been giving me. I love you guys. I hate to say it but even when I get a replacement pen, Simpsincest will not be the first thing I update. I have more commissions that need work and take priority.

On a slightly better note, Im gaining material for a new site and was on a roll until my pen broke. I think you guys will dig it all, at least I hope so. It's all stuff from my mind so far, with fanart here and there. Most of it is comics though, some will be very long, others short....

And because I'm such nice mother fucker, here's a peek ;)