Monday, July 9, 2012

Simpsincest Pg. 22

Here it is guys! Page 22! Stuff is getting hot!

I must announce that there will be a break in your (not so) regularly scheduled, weekly comic. Im not sure how long, probably only 2-3 weeks, but I desperately need to get more pages colored. I also need to ink more too! I only have about 3 more inked after this one. But I didn't want to take a break without posting this one because I really like how it turned out.

So dudes I will see you after the break! I hope you've enjoyed things so far, it gets much better from here on out XD

Monday, July 2, 2012

Simpsincest Pg.21

Well, here it is y'all! The last of the traditionally inked pages, the rest are 100% digital and the style changes up quite a bit. It's far less stiff and rigid, more lose and free! I hope you guys dig it cuz I sure do ;)

Also thanx for all the hilarious comments on the last post! Totally ace!