Monday, June 10, 2013

A Tribute to Towers / Update

I forgot to throw this up here, even added a second alternate color that I really liked for you guys. A tribute to the one and only Tiffany Towers, of course.

As for an update I recently got a new job which is utterly kicking my ass! In a good way, so much work, good pay. Unfortunately I have almost zero time to draw anything personal, so for now my comics are on hold. YES, SIMPSINCEST is still in the making, NO, it is not dead, YES I will finish it! I've had so many emails from you guys, it's really awesome! You all keep asking whether I died or if it will ever be finished and Im tempted to not post anything until it's fully complete or maybe only post in 5 page batches from now on? IDK.

Anywayz all ye faithful bros will be rewarded for your continued patience and support in due time! Pages are being colored, not only on Simpsincest but on other projects as well. 

I also have a TUMBLR and a PIXIV account which you can follow, I like those sites better than just about everything out there but I will definitely be updating everything Simpsincest related here first! SO KEEP YO' EYES RIGHT!