Monday, September 2, 2013

UPDATE - Confusion

Please, excuse me for being rude but... I am asked about this constantly. CONSTANTLY.

Simpsincest is on INDEFINITE HIATUS. There seems to be confusion surrounding this...
It DOES NOT mean that I am on vacation and once that is over on a specific date I will return. There is no return date, it is indefinite. INDEFINITE HIATUS. Not brief. Not momentary. It means that once I have enough of the comic finished, then I will post it. Im chipping away at it little by little, whenever I get the chance. I've even redrawn a couple upcoming pages so they look better.

Im extremely grateful to everyone who helped by donating! It helped me pay the colorist for a good amount of pages. But please understand: people donated, I sent the colorist ALL the money, he colored however many page that could pay for, then I posted them. So if you donated, your donation was used! I received a decent amount, but I promise you every penny was already used up for this comic.

You guys have seen all but 2 colored pages. Yes. There are 2 colored pages that are not up yet, because they are NOT FINISHED. There is lettering, SFX and touch ups that all need to be done. I am working on this whenever I have time. Which is very little.

Im really glad you're all so interested in my comic. I really am! But I am extremely busy and don't have time to do as much as I used to with the comic, with personal art, with anything! So from now on if anyone asks me about Simpsincest, when it's coming back or when I might think it's coming back, I'll just give you the best estimate that I can which is:

Monday, June 10, 2013

A Tribute to Towers / Update

I forgot to throw this up here, even added a second alternate color that I really liked for you guys. A tribute to the one and only Tiffany Towers, of course.

As for an update I recently got a new job which is utterly kicking my ass! In a good way, so much work, good pay. Unfortunately I have almost zero time to draw anything personal, so for now my comics are on hold. YES, SIMPSINCEST is still in the making, NO, it is not dead, YES I will finish it! I've had so many emails from you guys, it's really awesome! You all keep asking whether I died or if it will ever be finished and Im tempted to not post anything until it's fully complete or maybe only post in 5 page batches from now on? IDK.

Anywayz all ye faithful bros will be rewarded for your continued patience and support in due time! Pages are being colored, not only on Simpsincest but on other projects as well. 

I also have a TUMBLR and a PIXIV account which you can follow, I like those sites better than just about everything out there but I will definitely be updating everything Simpsincest related here first! SO KEEP YO' EYES RIGHT!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Simpsincest Pg.25

Been waiting to show this one off for quite awhile ;)
Waiting on colors for the next two pages.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Simpsincest Pg.24

The next one will be up soon. After this there are exactly 20 pages. Crazy that there are still so many left. They're all penciled, a couple are inked and the only one colored is the next one.

So not a return, just posting this and the next one. Could be awhile. Thanx for being patient.