Monday, September 2, 2013

UPDATE - Confusion

Please, excuse me for being rude but... I am asked about this constantly. CONSTANTLY.

Simpsincest is on INDEFINITE HIATUS. There seems to be confusion surrounding this...
It DOES NOT mean that I am on vacation and once that is over on a specific date I will return. There is no return date, it is indefinite. INDEFINITE HIATUS. Not brief. Not momentary. It means that once I have enough of the comic finished, then I will post it. Im chipping away at it little by little, whenever I get the chance. I've even redrawn a couple upcoming pages so they look better.

Im extremely grateful to everyone who helped by donating! It helped me pay the colorist for a good amount of pages. But please understand: people donated, I sent the colorist ALL the money, he colored however many page that could pay for, then I posted them. So if you donated, your donation was used! I received a decent amount, but I promise you every penny was already used up for this comic.

You guys have seen all but 2 colored pages. Yes. There are 2 colored pages that are not up yet, because they are NOT FINISHED. There is lettering, SFX and touch ups that all need to be done. I am working on this whenever I have time. Which is very little.

Im really glad you're all so interested in my comic. I really am! But I am extremely busy and don't have time to do as much as I used to with the comic, with personal art, with anything! So from now on if anyone asks me about Simpsincest, when it's coming back or when I might think it's coming back, I'll just give you the best estimate that I can which is: