Monday, April 21, 2014

Simpsincest Pg.26 & 27 + Simpsincest Commissions?!

Yes. There they are. Two more pages. Yes they're real. Yes it's been over a year. Yes it was worth the wait (just kidding). No, Im not dead and neither is my spirit!

Quite proud of how they turned out, the quality has risen noticeably, and Im finally 100% ok with the style. I end up doing about 30% color touch ups because Ima control freak.

If you would like to see this comic finished, please continue reading…


What? Commissions?
Yes! I would like to offer everyone and anyone willing, to help me finish this fucking series once and for all! The rest of the comic is pencilled, and now 1/2 of what remains is inked. Simply put, I cannot afford to pay the colorist and take my personal time to do the touch ups. So Im asking for help/donations/commissions to pay for the color work. I have done this before but rather in just a donation form, this is much more thought out and regimented.

How do they work?
Quite simple actually…

You pay me > I pay Renato the colorist > He colors > Once they're colored & lettered I send you HI RES files of the Pencils, Inks, AND Finished colored lettered page. Then I post the regular size here.

How much of the comic is left to finish?
Below you will see the handy guide I whipped up:

  • The pages in Pink have been colored and posted.
  • The pages in Green (26/27) are the two pages you see above.
  • The pages in B&W are inked and are not yet colored.
  • The pages in Blue are just pencilled, no ink, no colors.

There are 16 total pages left. It seems like a lot, but for a story of this length I believe it's worth it :)

Oh that's a long sex scene!
Better be! You've been waiting a long time for it. And yes it's ALL sex scene (last page just tit action).

OK so how much?
$30 per page. Seems like a lot, but that's what gets you the hi res files.
Im paying my colorist $25 per page. That's $5 for me or the PayPal fee, either way.

But will these be delivered in a timely fashion? You're not really great at that HEX!
This is a truly just question. YES! THEY WILL, provided I have the funding. If there ever was a time to finish, THIS IS THAT TIME. I'd like to stick to a weekly schedule again, and if I get enough donations/commisisons then I absolutely will. This is my last resort at finishing this comic and Im tired of everyone complaining. So this is your chance to stop complaining and help me.

How do we get ahold of you if we want to reserve a page/donate?
Email me at- - ------> hexamous[at]gmail[dot]com <---------- - -